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Little Sisyphus
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by Vanity Plate

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from the couch those moronic words come out of your mouth hold my breath but you're not done yet we're out here living our guts out you sit there and that's what comes out of your mouth from the couch will we rest not today not before everything's ok type it out recite it back to yourself is that even constructive? could i parse it together into somethin of substance? we'll we'll be over here stepping out of time
Wilder 03:54
it's a sure bet might be best yet ticker tape is on repeat I need to make a change drowning in the monotony fall asleep at 8:30 whispers over again what happened to my day? trust in me i'm doing my best trying my best to be all things felling small i might fail wilder and older learning not to care maybe you'll see me crash and burn i guess we all need space to doing new things growing each day failing some to love me anyway protecting my peace isn't easy for me feeling your feelings and they're doubting me you've weighed in it's been noticed you think i'm crazy but i'm still going take your doubts put them where I can't find them and know every day we're closer to dying
Stay Warm 03:57
the polar blast tests our acumen harsh winds biting cold weather that keeps us home haven't left house yet frozen feet that have me thinking i'd rather stay in all night the snow is falling friends are calling i haven't seen the sun all day no reprieve unrelenting the air pricks and pokes my face if we hole up can we do it together? by a fireplace with a cup of hot tea let's make cookies and music and inside jokes on repeat snuggle my mind it's a lonely time hugging my sun lamp hoping she's on my side shovel some more scrape my windows before I can't escape it she's doggin me but i'm on the move
Glitter 02:49
Plan to sparkle plan to be seen when you're around her you can't help but gleam glitter shoes are her power move she leaves a sparkle in her wake she doesn't cower she doesn't shrink persistent in all things tireless just fabulously un-phased by it all step by step effortless she leaves a piece of herself the room better than before day by day when she could just walk away from all responsibilities she does more
Firework 03:46
burn brighter burn hotter it's looking bleak I want to look toward the horizon and be amazed by what I see cognitive dissonance never changed their minds they'll push down the conflict until we're out of time in this apathy nothing blooms we're choking can't you see light the fuse help us look to the sky at the same time unite us in awe remind us we'll be fine fire and flame are beauty when nurtured right light up the sky and remind us that we need to fight
Neighbors 02:52
when ideas are weapons and everyone's afraid if we close our eyes it's happening all the same I've got pockets to fill with pamphlets and shoes to walk a mile in a voice to say that's enough when silence courts us she remembers names indifference is the enemy oppression the game let's talk people not the issues put a face to the name our neighbors our friends our people to defend having a bird's eye view is privilege to condem this isn't tough
Mood 02:12
Sweetheart 01:54
hey don't call me sweetheart don't call me hun save your pet names for your pets that's my nickname you don't get to use it yet we aren't familiar i don't know you we aren't friends there's nothing you can do
Just Fine 03:28
who's gonna burn my notebooks when I'm dead? I don't think I want you to see this read something else instead I'm beautiful, I'm young, and I feel spent all that potential's only so much wet cement I thought I'd hold up something like a floor, or a flag, or a big revolving door with something always new on either end we'd go in friends and come out more than friends life hit you with her right hook and you're trying to survive you don't know what you're doin but you're doin just fine the nights and days collapse on me like waves and every plan is like a season thrown away a change of clothes, the question doesn't change to pick up again or leave it where it lays I'll come up with excuses if I must to push a boulder made of hair and future dust to fill up my canteen with unearned trust and try to have a sense of humor when I'm crushed
Heeler 03:02
retraced my steps he's in my way again I know he's just worried if I'm ok ever present our companion post up between you and me ever present our companion cuddled up between you and me she doesn't care that it's dark outside she wants to make the time to play snuggle and kisses melting in your arms she's sweet in her own way


Recorded at Makoche Studios in Bismarck, ND January of 2020 and shelved for 11 months.


released December 17, 2020

Connor Wentz-Drums, Aux Percussion
Jazmine Schultz-Vocals, Bass
Zach Mulholland-Guitar
Zach Schultz-Guitar

Nora Nygard-Synths, Backup Vocals
Robert Kramer-Vocals on Just Fine

Recording, Mixing, and Mastering by Nora Nygard at Makoche Studios
Album artwork by Cera Pignet


all rights reserved



Vanity Plate Minot, North Dakota

Just your classic passion project between husband and wife and Connor and Mo.

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